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need lipstick help


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I kind of suck at picking out makeup. I used to have flexibility in our household budget to splurge and pick out higher end makeup.  Usually, I asked people at Ulta to help me pick out colors.  My coloring is soft, somewhat cool, muted, and fair so I look best in nude colored makeup. I like a natural look anyway.  I also tend to buy mineral based/natural makeup as I'm concerned about anything I put on my sensitive skin.

My daughter just wreaked havoc on my makeup collection.  All of my Bare Minerals and IT CC+ cream, all of my lipsticks....totally trashed. I salvaged my mascara and brow products, but that's it.

I flat out need to spend the bulk of what money I can scrape together on my foundation. I need a couple of drugstore priced lipsticks to get by.  In the past I've tried Milani Amore Lip Creme.  I hated it.  The applicator is a lot like Stila, which I don't mind, but the color rubs off on everything and my lips feel chapped after using it, even if I do a base of chapstick before applying. The color "Pretty" was too light and too orangey on me. I tried Boots #7 Matte Liquid lips as well.  The applicator is similar to Milani and Stila.  I don't feel quite as dry when I wear that, but it bleeds a bit. The color Victory is way too dark, and I wish it were a bit more pink. Finally, I tried smash box's matte lipstick.  It felt dry and chalky.

My favorite lip gloss is Buxom dolly.  The Dolly color is PERFECT on me....kinda mauve, just the right amount of depth.  I'm getting old enough, though, that lip gloss doesn't work for me as well and I need a true lipstick. I've found one lipstick that I like--Lipstick Queen.  It's smooth, buttery, and doesn't rub off on everything. I wore the Float color, which has been discontinued.  I haven't been able to find LQ in real life here to swatch new colors on me.  When I used to wear Clinique, I wore pinks also--sugared maple, bamboo pink, think bronze,  and pink beach....  Pink Beach has also been discontinued.  Of the Clinique pinks, think bronze was probably my favorite. I will likely buy a tube of it in a few months when I have a bit more fun money.

Ok. So. Ugh. I need a lipstick. I have max $10. I need to get by with just one tube of stuff until Christmas....and I need help with brand and color. Thanks!


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On the hunt for truly long-lasting regular lipstick, I was amazed to find this brand at walmart with a $6 tube!  I used Clinique for years, then Loreal, but they are both no longer long-last.  

Milani it is, not sure how natural.  It is infused with vitamins=)  The color highlighted is mine, Matte Beauty, it is brownish, plum-ish nude.  And, truly long-lasting!859469443_ScreenShot2018-09-27at4_26_58PM.png.c930ef8296bd2940b507f53ab9c0ba53.png

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1 minute ago, Selkie said:

My current favorite is Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Peony. It's moisturizing and the color is subtle and natural.

That’s my favorite too!  A friend complimented my lipstick the other day and asked what I was using which has never happened before.  I like the Rhubarb color also.

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