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Can I count WTM Biology as Honors ...(more info re lab)

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WTM Biology seems pretty intense compared to the Apologia Biology course.  The WTM teacher also requires mini research assignments, 400 words, using outside sources.  The book is very much college prep and in depth.

She also takes an intense lab at a local Academy that is 2 hrs per week and they will cover all microscope use and slides and dissect 4 creatures (my dd is passing on the fetal pig and getting a workaround project for that.)

So, can I call this Honors?  


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I would be inclined to call the class Honors Biology and in the description include the WTMA class, the local Academy intense lab, and anything else you'll be doing at home. In other words, I wouldn't rename the WTMA class to be honors (without contacting them), but would feel comfortable giving an honors biology credit that included the class.

I'm sure there will be a range of opinions though. Credits and honors designations are murky!

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