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Experiences with SRA Corrective Reading?


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https://www.nifdi.org/news/hempenstall-blog/482-corrective-reading-decoding-an-evaluation Here's an article that cites some research. I think one of the autism schools in our area uses SRA, but I don't recall *which SRA program. 

Just as a total aside, there's some new article/report out trying to dish on ineffective reading approaches. I took a nice little trip to sunny Florida to get back my mojo and go out of the loop. So I'm with you that there's a lot that doesn't work but just skimming that article it looks like this particular SRA program might be on-track. Barton takes a really hard knock among professionals for pacing which, in reality, is what the homeschool community struggles with too and why so many jump after level 4. I think some of the research on other approaches is intriguing at least (Spell Links, etc.). 

My High Noon order finally came, btw. I haven't even had a chance to go through it and recover all my (brilliant, haha) thoughts on what books I was planning to use when. I'm thinking I can use this time to restart, like maybe have some new labels or ways we work together. We've never actually had a READING time, that kind of thing. We've always just had Mom says come and you come. But I think we could have some new categories or understandings of how to work together. Our time together on vacation was really phenonmenal. The bump in interaction left him more responsive and compliant and collaborative. I guess I'm asking a question there. Do you have "times" like that where the kids go read and what are they called?

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My younger son did Reading Mastery a few years ago, which is from the same company.  When he used Reading Mastery it had been part of a research study for teaching reading to kids like him (autism, but with some more specifics that fit him).  

Reading Mastery is definitely teaching sounding out words.  It is definitely teaching letter sounds and phonograms.  

It doesn’t have as much kinetic stuff written into it, compared to OG programs.  

Iirc it did have things where they would say a phonogram sound and child writes the letter/s.

It was just one component for my son, a tutor might be adding things in or just going through the curriculum.  

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