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Asking for prayers for my brother. Would any of you here pray? UPDATE!!!


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My brother, Steve, has been losing weight and the dr. found a "spot" on his lung.  He has a ct scan this Tuesday, Oct. 2. 

He is obese and a former smoker.  He did quite smoking about 10 years ago or so!!!

If any of you would pray, he and I would appreciate it! 

Thanking the wtm prayers in advance!  


Hi Everyone!  Thanks for your prayers!  Thanking the Lord!   I thought it would be awhile before hearing back from my brother but I just rec'd this email tonight.  Thanks to all of you!  I believe this is headed in the right direction.  I hope my brother, Steve, continues to find out what the issue is and deal with it.  (His dr's name is also Steve).  Earlier today I was wondering if, from the years he did smoke, scar tissue was built up.  But, I don't even know if something like that would happen - just an idea I had.  So appreciate each prayer and reply!  ?  

Hi All,

First let me thank each of for your prayers and for those of others you have enlisted on my behalf. Please share this information with our prayer warriors. Thank you Jesus for hearing and answering our prayers. To you be the glory and honor and power forever and ever. 


Today I met with my primary physician Dr Steve *** regarding several multiple health issues I have recently experienced going back to the July/August time period. Also, I had my CT Scan today as a follow up to the pneumonia I contracted in the July/August time period. 


Surprisingly the results were available before I got to my doctors appointment.  My initial concern was with fast results could be bad news, but the technician told me they read them as soon as they get then and she said I would likely have results today. 


I can’t describe in medical terms, but the “spot” according to the radiologist is not a concern, whatever it is, it’s benign. Steve checked lymph nodes and everything is as it should be. 


My doctor and I, we’ve got a long standing and excellent relationship and we can speak openly and frankly with each other. In so many words he says my symptoms don’t really fit within any general category or classification because I have this symptom but not that. I could sense his frustration as he’d figuratively scratch his head (and beard) ruling one thing after another out unable to determine a precise diagnosis. 


I’ve lost about 28 pounds, (and I’m not complaining). His initial concern was that the issues I’m facing could be related to my pancreas, but since I’m actually improving so he has ruled that out. He is also thinking it could have something to do with my type 2 diabetes. The reality is we don’t know for sure what it is, but we know what it isn’t. As we move forward we will likely know more. As I get more updates I will pass them along to you. 


The best news is it’s not cancer, so you all are stuck with me for a while longer. The search for what it is will continue. 

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