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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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  • Up in the wee hours kuz I didn't get time to do any fun stuff in the day time.  Need to sleep though.
  • Need to wake early to get some work out.
  • Kid wants to wake up early to study for science test.
  • Make copy of spelling words for kids to study for spelling test.
  • Should fill out the permission slip for upcoming camp.
  • Need to drive the kids to school early for Power of the Pen.
  • Work and all that jazz.
  • Pick up kids at school (after volleyball) and head to scouts; eat something on the way.
  • Kids need to fill out their volunteer records for scouts.
  • Presumably I'll have to do something scouty at scouts.
  • Somehow squeeze homework in somewhere.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work or sleep.


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Have a great time at the fair, Jean!  I love going to the state fair - I confess I have a weakness for fried anything...

-DS17 off to school (I slept through this)
-school with DS13 (1 live class)
-waiting for phone call from middle school principal about a project she wants me to work on
-work out (skipped 2 days, sigh)
-laundry DONE:  0
-roast some vegetables so I can up my vegetable intake substantially
-make a batch of Whole30 apple/raisin/cashew/cinnamon breakfast 
-phone call at 1 with a recruiter who wants to start a legal recruiting practice and wants to know if I'd be interested in helping since I practiced BigLaw for several years (not sure I am interested but will hear what he has to say)

-dinner (the chicken we didn't have yesterday because DH and I went to a bar on the Gulf to have a drink and watch the sunset and oops, dinner wasn't cooked last night)
-watch the last episode of Jack Ryan

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Good morning! Everyone was up early to exercise, except me. And for the record, I really don't think that you can be called a "lazy-head" if you are up before 7 am. The news here is that ds3 wants to return to homeschooling and we (as in the whole family-everyone has an opinion) are discussing it. I'm going to post something on the hs board if you want in on the discussion too.

I have to get ready for my weekend trip- I leave tomorrow-Ack!

  • coffee/paper
  • ds3 to school-done
  • write/exercise
  • out to get: dog food, gas, $
  • letters to older kids
  • read
  • get house mostly in good shape-Goodness knows that I will have to clean again on Monday
  • chat with dd2- put on the recruiting secretary hat
  • pick up ds3 after practice
  • go through the weekend calendar with everyone- they have 1 car and many places to be
  • dinner-dh is making something with chicken

Have a great day!

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Well I did not get up and work early.  I was too exhausted as I hardly had any sleep the previous day / night.

I got my kid up at 6am to study. 

Drove the kids to school.

Did a sweep for laundry in my car and in the kids' TKD bag.  I have been accused of losing one of my daughters' skirts, but you can guess where I found it.  Along with 2 other skirts, a shirt, and ONE dirty sock.  ?

Cleaned the kitchen and some other clutter.

Fed the pets.  (My kids definitely aren't ready for a dog.)

Worked on resolving a dumb issue between my work partner and my kids' ex-nanny.  Just dumb and why am I even involved ....

Organized the papers on my bed (ahem the side I call my "credenza" since nobody sleeps there).  Just remembered I have one week to do my car's e-check.

Various client work in between the above.  I have at least 6 reports to send out ASAP today, plus a few other things, and I need to leave around 5 to take my kids to scouts.  I'm getting stressed out again ....

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Had a bit of a camp bombshell put on me last night before bed.  Spent much of the time last night wrestling with this even during my sleep.  (Wild dreams.)  Woke with a partial solution.

human care done

pet care done

 medical care done

took a call about the camp situation with a very close friend.  That was a God thing because I was able to bounce my solution off of her and she agreed with me.  Phew!


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Pink and Green, we LOVED Jack Ryan! Have you liked it so far? That sounds like an interesting call you'll have, too. Good luck with that?

Jean, that is cool that you dreamed a possible solution to your problem and other agreed! If you are going to have rougher sleep, at least it was productive!

I totally forgot that I had planned to put dinner in the slow cooker. It's chicken and vegetables, so I can put it in the oven. I'll just have to time it correctly because I'm not sure when dh will be home yet. I'm texting him soon. 


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