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Need ideas for Definition Essay- help please

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Ds need to write a definition essay for his English class. Basically choose a word or a phrase that is abstract enough that it would have multiple meaning either by definition or to different people. Abstract enough that 3-5 page essay can be written explaining logical and conceptual meaning of the word or the phrase with definitions, history, all the different meanings and applications. Beauty, love, friendship, home are on the banned list of words.

Thank you so very much.

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Good grief -- 3-5 PAGES?!! JMO, but that is ridiculously long for this type of essay. Rant over. (lol)

What about "humor"? It does have more than one meaning, and an interesting historical context for one of the meanings (the old medical system of "humors", which was about balancing the body's 4 types of fluids). And for the major definition for humor ("quality of being amusing or comic"), you can spend time explaining the different ways humor (comedy) is created (physical comedy, verbal comedy, situational comedy, parody...)

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