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Zinn’s US History

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The young people version is much scaled down and very readable.  It is good for bright kids in late elementary-middle school.  The adult version, which is long and detailed, would be more appropriate for high school, though my son ended up reading it in 7th grade.

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We have the "young people" one. It's suitable for 8yo if you read it aloud (may need some explanation or censoring - just because I think I recall rape being mentioned?)

A 4th or 5th grader could probably read it on his/her own. My DH (not a lot of history background) found it interesting when he was listening to the audiobook of it.

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On 9/20/2018 at 11:14 AM, Roadrunner said:

Can somebody break down the differences for me and give me a recommendation? 

What exactly are you looking for?

We only have one. I think it is the adult version. I believe the young people's version was written/adapted for school use. Kinda depends on what you want to use it for and reading/maturity level of who is going to read it.

My good reader used it freshman & junior years. But, I'll have to see which version we have . . . Updated to add: we have the adult/original book. It is small print, but readable for high school  (good readers).

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