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Looking for well-written reviews of anything--museums, National parks,movies, books, products, cities,etc.

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Are there any well-written reviews written about anything? I've found lots of poorly written ones...Online would be nice, but book/magazine suggestions are great, too. I'm trying a major experiment in writing this year and I need models ("mentor texts"). We are working currently on informational writing and one of the suggestions was writing a review. I'd like some well-written ones that we can analyze.  

Any other well-written informational text suggestions are great, too. I know about National Geographic.





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22 hours ago, Kendall said:

Are there any well-written reviews written about anything?

I've enjoyed author Jo Walton's reviews over the years.  She has a couple of books that might be of interest:

What Makes This Book So Great: Re-Reading the Classics of Science Fiction and Fantasy

An Informal History of the Hugos: A Personal Look Back at the Hugo Awards, 1953-2000

You can see some of her columns here:  https://www.tor.com/tag/jo-walton-reads/



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the Economist for book reviews.  Their science writing is, BTW, extraordinary and the weekly obituary -- also in excellent prose -- is a sort of review of a person.  ?  Available online.  *** The Economist is, imho, the best all-around informational text (article-length) resource for writing.  ***

Christian Science Monitor has terrific writing and reviews of books & movies.  They have an institutional policy of avoiding twaddle which I like when it comes to movie reviews.  Available online.

Michael Dirda is great writer for book reviews: maybe Bound to Please.  If you want e-book, his Browsings is available on Kindle. 

Strong travel writing: Lonely Planet series.  I've liked the New Zealand one, also available on Kindle, but you'd probably want one of interest to your student.  Lots of brief reviews of food, sites, etc. and some longer articles IIRC.

Strong informational essay writing, variety of authors:  Best American Science & Nature Writing (note: series titled simply "Best Nature Writing" is not as good); Best American Sports Writing.  Those are the two I've tried and can vouch for; others in the series may or may not be worthwhile.

ETA: I feel I should give a minor warning RE author Michael Dirda ... he is definitely writing for grown-ups, so there are occasional references to grown-up things (___, drugs & rock'n roll sort of thing, all very erudite and upscale) and I find he tends toward the amoral.  Everything else I recommended lines up pretty well with my own ethics.

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Thank you so much everyone! This is great!  I was floundering online searching for well-written travel blogs etc, and getting nowhere.  3 tennis meets and 1 college visit in 8 days has allowed very little time to look at your suggestions, but this weekend is mine and I'll be working through sampling your suggestions.  I also thought about Susan Wise Bauer's blog and book reviews. 

This writing experiment seems completely overwhelming at times and my feelings about my ability to pull this off look like a sine curve. Yet my girls are so happy with it. You've helped  pull me up to the top of the curve again:). 


edited to correct the spelling of sine!  Good grief, I've been teaching how to graph trig functions all week, you would think I would have caught that.

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