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Old houses grr...


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After a couple of decades living in this old house I feel like I could work at the local home improvement store because I’m always in there picking something up. And when I go out somewhere I seem to always run into friends. Yeah, after this long we’re friends with our plumber, electrician, ductwork guy, hvac guy, Carpenter, roofer, etc. 

But I love this old house. 


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4 hours ago, Ausmumof3 said:

The underneath of the kitchen sink is flooded again for the second time in three months!  Plumbing needs replacing. 

there are so many things in the house that need fixing here.  So many.


When you do, switch to PEX.   Best stuff since sliced bread and you don't have to be a plumber to install it.  


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3 hours ago, Ausmumof3 said:

I’ve never heard of it - will mention it to Dh who will probably do the job.


PEX is flexible plastic tubes.   There is two manifolds, one for hot and one for cold, with lots of tubes coming out.   Each tube goes to one water outlet without joints or connections or splitting.  So, nothing to leak on the way.   There is a special tool that crimps a special metal piece on the end and you connect the metal piece to your sink or toilet, etc.   The crimper is easier to use than the one for video cablea and there is a test you can right then to see if the crimp-connection is good.   DH said out of maybe 100 he did, he had to re-do two.   

If you start early, you can buy plumbers extra tubing on Craigslist.   And the crimpers float around because people buy them used, and then sell them again when done.  

The pipes come in three colors red, white and blue.  But that is just to help the installer remember which is the hot line.   

In addition to the east install and relatively low cost, there are two side benefits that were unexpected.  

1)  I am incapable of NOT flushing.  Even while someone is showering.  Since the shower and the toilet each have their own tube this does not cause that burm/freeze to the person in the shower.  This is good for our marriage.  
2)  Since each tube doesn't carry much water.   Our tankless water heater turns on pretty quickly when we need it.   


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