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Allergic Dog


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So my little 7 pound Pomeranian fluff ball has started itching like crazy. She sneezes and coughs. And now she is vomiting and has diarrhea. It’s so fun...sigh

Took her to the vet today and they said ragweed allergy. 

He said her throat was very swollen and she had a lot of mucus. And it was likely her intestines were inflamed as well. All due to the allergies. 

Ok, so then he said to put Vaseline on her nose every day for her to lick off. He said it “cools the gut.” Come again?

I am not putting a petroleum product on her face for her to lick it off. Gross. We do not eat Vaseline. No. 

So, any thoughts to help out my itchy dog who also has watery eyes and a weird cough?

She’s going to the groomer tomorrow. I’m hoping a more frequent bath will help. 

She doesn’t have any skin rash that I can tell. Of course she looks like a giant cotton ball so it’s tough to tell. 

What else can I do?

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I would be looking for another vet too.  My last dog was severely allergic to so many things.  He was on a lot of medications and it made his life so much better.  No, just no, to Vaseline and no medications.  Oh and do not be surprised about the dose for his size. Both dogs and cats have much higher metabolisms than humans and they generally need medications at a much higher amount per weight than we do. I know that my 25 lb dog took the same 25mg Benadryl that I do and I can't function with that, just sleep but he was acting fairly normal on that kind of dose.

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My dog has allergies and eats Benadryl out of my hand when necessary. I agree about finding another vet. I would not medicate any dog, but especially small and toy type breeds, without making sure you have correct meds and dosage. 

Agree about asking for an oatmeal bath and perhaps ask not to be sprayed with anything with fragrance, not sure if groomers still do that. 


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On 9/17/2018 at 8:38 PM, Selkie said:

My dog has summer pollen allergies and a medication called Apoquel has been like a miracle for him. He went from an itchy, miserable mess to perfectly calm and comfortable within just a few hours of the first dose.


On 9/17/2018 at 9:51 PM, itsheresomewhere said:

Look for another vet asap. 

Apoquel was great here for our dog with allergies.


Same here my dog had to take Apoquel last month. He is doing so much better. He has taken Zyrtec and benadryl before.They helped with itching a bit, but the Apoquel actually healed his skin. He had developed black patches where he had been licking and scratching for so long. Now those places are fading back to normal. We were also given a prescription shampoo that we had to bathe him with every other day for 2 weeks. That was a major pain but worth it.

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Thanks for all the replies. 

Yes, I’m not happy with that vet’s advice so I’ll be looking elsewhere. 

I gave my dog part of a children’s benadryl Tablet each day and she seems much better. 

She went to our groomer and had a bath with special soap and that has helped as well. So far her coat is not affected and her skin is ok. 

I cant really bathe her at home because it takes an hour to blow her dry. So I scheduled more frequent grooming appointments and the groomer will continue to use the special oat shampoo. 

So for now she seems much more comfortable. But I do need to look into other medicines that will help her allergies. Fall is allergy season here so I’m assumimg she’ll have issues each fall. I need to be more prepared for next year. 

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