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A question about ink jet transparency film to use with overhead projectors...

Sweet Home Alabama

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I have an ink jet printer, and I would like to print a few transparencies to help at school.  I would also like a few to simply write on with a vis-a-vis pen.  Can I buy the inkjet transparencies for both purposes?  I know with one kind that Amazon sells, a purchaser commented that the actual film became sort of gooey when she tried to clean it with water.  What is up with that?  I'm just not sure what to buy.  I know that you can purchase write-on transparency film too, but I don't want to buy both.  They are just too expensive. Also, the write-on film cannot go through a printer at all.  

Can anyone tell me what I need to buy?

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Hi Sweet!

I have printed on transparency film from a printer that uses toner.  So ink-jet might be a bit different.  However, it seems to me that the printable transparencies are tacky.  When you write on them with the wet erase markers, it is harder to write on them, and then harder to erase.  When I used transparencies, I would print out what I wanted to project on the printable type of film.  Then I would place a sheet of write-on film over it and write with the Vis a Vis pens.  The write-on plastic is thicker.  It is easy to tell them apart.  And yes, they are expensive.  So I am sorry to tell you that my opinion would be to purchase both types.   Maybe you should ask around with your in-person friends. All you need is a few sheets of the write-on.  They wash so easily and can be used over and over as long as you do not scratch the surface of the plastic.

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