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Leggings and Socks


Leggings and socks   

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  1. 1. Do you wear leggings over or under socks

    • Leggings over socks
    • Socks over leggings
    • No human in their right mind wears leggings and socks at the same time
    • Depends on colour and style
    • Other

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Idk what to vote. Typically, for me, leggings are paired with ballet flats  (no socks) or boots (socks don't show so it doesn't matter). 

If I'm wearing Converse-type sneakers, I'd wear no show/hidden socks. For exercise leggings and running shoes: ankle socks that begin where the leggings end. 

So...it's complicated. ?

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I personally don't wear leggings, but the look for teens here in Oregon (including my dds) is socks over leggings with Birkenstocks or if it's winter Bearpaw boots. Even if it's not super cold here, it is coldish, rainy, and gray most of the school year, so socks are necessary. If my youngest is wearing adidas or vans with athletic type leggings, she'll wear short running socks.

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