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I am wondering if anyone knows of a service that evaluates high schoolers’ writing assignments. I’m on my third high schooler, and it has never gone well when I evaluate their papers.  I really don’t want to continue on this path with him getting resentful and offended. Thanks for any suggestions.  

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I'd suggest looking for a local person to hire -- a tutor, a homeschooler who specializes in English/Writing, a former or retired high school English teacher... Perhaps you can barter in exchange for a local person to grade/comment. Or maybe trade services with another homeschooler -- they grade/comment on your student's writing, and you oversee or tutor something for their student that is a strength of yours.

If nothing available locally, then these are two online options -- I know *nothing* about either:
Reasonable Homeschooling
Suzanne Barrett

Other than that, the only options I'm seeing are taking an online Writing course that includes grading/comments:
- Time for Writing -- 8 week courses; $119/course, includes grading 
- Write At Home -- includes assessment of student writing assignments; courses & costs
- Lantern English (formerly SoVerbose) -- $60 each for 8-week Writing course
Bravewriter -- $239 per 4-week course, but lots of good, supportive feedback
- Schole Academic Tutoring -- choice of prices for level of individual attention and # of hours
- Essentials in Writing curriculum (DVD lessons) + Scoring Service ($97 for the scoring service)

Good luck! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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