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What is with the political survey calls this week?


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Is this happening to anyone else?  I've suddenly been getting 5-6 phone calls *every day*, on my cell phone, from people doing research surveys.  Live callers, not prerecorded messages.  Most of them (if I get that far before angrily hanging up) are doing political surveys about various state races and issues.  It's my understanding that political survey calls are not subject to the "do not call" list, but why the sharp increase?

I wonder if quitting Facebook and refusing to discuss or even think about politics mysteriously put me on a list called "Possibly Undecided Voter!  Activate Survey Sequence!".

I would quit answering the phone unless I know who it is, but there are various calls I've been waiting on from numbers I wouldn't recognize.

I'm starting to miss Rachel from Cardmember Services.

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28 minutes ago, Thatboyofmine said:

It’s the 2 month countdown to Election Day.    Everything starts ramping up.    I’m trying to decide if I’m going to do early voting this year or not.

I don’t ever remember getting this many calls in such a short amount of time, though.  Maybe 2-3 calls total during the whole election season.

Maybe they need to check with everyone woman in the state to make sure none of the candidates ever, you know, had an affair with them or took unwanted nude photos of them.  Just to avoid another circus.

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Seriously though, I briefly dated someone who, last I heard, was setting himself up nicely to be a future big name in politics.  Although he’s a very good person, maybe too good for public office, I’m not looking forward to fielding questions about him someday.  Over the phone or from my mother.

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