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How to brush up your own English (non native American speaker)

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If pronunciation is a problem, you might consider working with a dialect coach via Skype; this one can teach both American and British accents: https://www.theaccentcoach.com/

If you'd prefer to use prerecorded materials to improve your accent, you can purchase self-teaching material as a download.  This one is for learning a non-regional American accent:  https://learnaccent.com/product/the-sound-style-of-american-english-3rd-edition/  and this one is for learning a standard British accent (Received Pronunciation): https://learnaccent.com/product/acting-with-an-accent-english-received-pronunciation/  



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Thank you for your great ideas and links, Much appreciated!


Well I really don't know about about my level, I completed my degrees at English speaking universities, so actually I should be fine,

but that iwas in countries with many different first language (or English bilingual) speakers as a background.

Now when living in the US or UK there is not so much variety in syntax and pronounciation, also acceptable in social and formal 

situations, so sometimes I really feel at loss.


The pronounciation coach seems fantastic, unfortunately a bit too expensive right now, Will get ahead with the non-regional

American accent downloads for self-teaching. Great links, thank you!


Starting with soap operas though right now.

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