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History SOTW style (after SOTW4)

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Hi there

we loved the SOTW series and activity books.

Can you recommend any nice activity books and curriculum to cover the time after SOTW4

for multiage instruction for Grade 5-9? Ideally suited for multiage home instruction like the SOTW

readers and activity books?


Many thanks for any suggenstions!

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Ah, that. ^ You can amend SOTW to fit an older grade.  However, when we get to the second round I want a little bit deeper for middle school so our resources will look different.  At that age, students are able to read more, comprehend more, and make more connections.  You can use an open and go program like History Odyssey, which relies on a mixture of literature books and encyclopedia work or you can build your own using a loose guide like Creek Edge Press, where you can continue using SOTW but add in other resources like Reading Like A Historian.
Or, you can use something like K12's Human Odyssey 3 volume set with Hakim's Story of Science 3 volume set, and use the upper range of activities from SOTW.

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we did  a second cycle of WTM, adding in the encyclopedia recommendations for the logic stage kids

ds14 at the moment is using Usborne internet linked History Encyclopedia and doing all the internet links etc as well. He is in grade 9.

He has already done 2 complete cycles of SOTW. Once with just SOTW once with KIngfisher Encyclopedia added in . He started young because he was following along with older siblings. His literature list for the year ties into his year of history study.

The twins are doing SOTW  for the first time They are currently half way through book 2

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