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Who’s going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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milk cow

 laundry washed, hung out and brought in

collect 2 wheelbarrows of cow manure for the compost bins

take 7 wheelbarrows of composted compost and spread in veggie garden. weed in veggie garden for 1 hour

 Wed in flower garden for 1 hour

 plant snow peas, zucchini and radishes

vacuum whole house

wash the windows inside and outside of living areas

realize I am completely out of energy and collapse into a chair. sit there for 30 minutes zonked eat a huge amount of dark chocolate - not working for energy recharge

 cook tea

process twins off to bed

clean kitchen




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Good morning!

First thing I saw when I came downstairs this morning - a dead mouse in the middle of the living room floor.?Apparently, the cats were busy last night. Not what I wanted to deal with first thing in the morning, but at least they're earning their keep. 

  • lots of outside work (paddock cleanup and grading, clean out hay boxes, clean automatic waterer, check big pasture for weeds, switch padlocks on gates because my kids have lost all but one of the keys for the current locks?)
  • make pancakes when everyone is awake (boys are staying home today to study)
  • work with horses
  • order new stovetop and kitchen sink
  • driving practice w/dd
  • plan my week
  • dinner: ??
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Good morning!

Selkie, the best mouser my family ever had while I was growing up was actually a black lab! He would leave them by the back door. 

Melissa, you are amazing!


church and lunch there afterwards

company for dinner? 

school prep - history, reserve library books, check Dd's work.

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Good morning! I have to drive ds3 to a tennis thing this afternoon. He will be doing this invitational team every Sunday for the rest of the year. Dh said he would take him, but as he is a time-challenged individual (forgets travel time when he plans things), I will be doing it, almost every time-1 hour each way.

  • coffee/breakfast
  • maybe Mass
  • write
  • pick up a compass for ds3 who has lost the first two I purchased.
  • homework with ds3 
  • leave for tennis
  • hang out and watch football somewhere
  • pick up ds3 and drive home
  • dinner: dh grilling chicken, I think

Have a great day!

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Morning, all!

To do today:

church and breakfast

ds's water polo tournament continues today...106 today

car shopping?  depends upon the heat

grading, lesson planning

straighten upstairs bookshelf, scan for library returns/donations

dinner out with dh

read, relax, more football

Have a great day!

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  • Struggle to wake my kids and myself up - many iterations over the course of an hour.
  • Sunday school.
  • Church.
  • Cleaned out my car.
  • Lunch.
  • Some housework.
  • Started the laundry.
  • Discussed planning for kids' graduation party - yes it is nearly 2 years from now.  I was thinking of reserving a hall so all the families could have a joint party.  After all, most of the guest list will be the same for all of us, right?
  • Got the kids going on their homework.
  • Supposed to be working.
  • Printed off a bunch of photos so the kids can use them to create a scrapbook page for their art sketch book.  One kid asked for photos of her running, riding, doing tkd and gymnastics, traveling, and with family.  Other kid just wanted horse photos.  ?
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Well, we pretty much melted in 109 degree heat.  We went to lunch, decompressed in the air conditioning for an hour or so.  We stopped at a shopping center nearby, and dh went to Target while dd and I went to Barnes and Noble.  Home now, relaxing with some football, don't know if we'll tackle much after that heat. At times like this, I wished we had moved to a four seasons type of place.   

I have a lot of reading to do, so I'll put off grading, lesson planning until later.  At some point today, we might have to get a rental car so ds can take mine this week.  His repair estimates exceed the value of his car.  

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