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Who’s going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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TGIF!  Not much going on here at the moment.

-DS17 off to school
-school with DS13
-go to Publix (we seemed to run out of everything yesterday) - DS17 stopping for bare essentials for the day on his way home
-workout (cardio)
-laundry DONE:  0
-apply for two jobs (didn't do it yesterday)
-dinner (the shishkabob I didn't make last night because we had terrible thunderstorms and couldn't grill out)

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Good morning!

Ds participates in a half-day enrichment tutorial (Art and Drama) and it starts today! Hooray for Fridays! My extroverted, tween boy needs the people time and the time away from me. His teachers are great.  Dd and I sometimes enjoy the quiet morning together and have some good discussions without interruption.  Today is an out-and-around day for me though. 

  • Budget/bills
  • Math with Ds
  • Ds to tutorial.
  • Coffee with a friend.
  • Check in with Dd.
  • Pack lunch for me and Ds.
  • Buy shoes for Ds, boy of the huge feet!h  
  • Ds to swim, then to my mom's  
  • Prep cooking?  
  • Watch a movie with Dd and Dh?

Taco salad for dinner. 


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Good morning!  dd2 had morning practice, and I am up early with ds3 who has an all-day tournament with four other high schools. He is sick with a cold and pretty grumpy, so I have fed him and am steering clear.

  • drop off ds3 at school done
  • coffee and paper
  • sports and school admin stuff
  • help dd2 with school/recruiting stuff on off blocks
  • write
  • weekly chores/laundry/ including bathrooms
  • figure out plans for the weekend/update calendar
  • library
  • jen things
  • Pizza for dinner with the US Open

Have a great day!

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Good morning!

  • office work (remember to deal with fuel bill)
  • empty and clean big water tank
  • clean hay steamer
  • clean mudroom
  • tackle my next decluttering/organizing project - the huge jumble of dvds and video games in the living room tv cabinet
  • kitchen work (cut up fruits and veggies, make the banana/oat/berry cookies that dh likes, make a pitcher of hibiscus tea)
  • order a few things from Amazon
  • dinner: ?? I'm in a dinner slump and don't feel like making anything.
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TGIF???  I am stressed out!  It will probably get better once I get some serious work done.

Done so far:

  • Slept like normal people.
  • Woke up early to get kid working on homework - she was up too late to do it well last night.
  • Drove kids to school because homework extended past the bus pickup time.
  • Cleaned for the maids.
  • Purged some junk.
  • Organized some hand-me-downs into boxes.
  • Trying to figure out tomorrow's schedule - school athletic people seem disorganized and everything else rests on them ....
  • Got caught up on social media, emails, news ....
  • Made this post.

To do:

  • Lots of "work" work.
  • Order flowers for sister's father-in-law's celebration of life.
  • Contact gym about rescheduling - they did not respond to my messages.
  • Also contact tutors about rescheduling....
  • Maybe some more cleaning?
  • Get money to pay the maids.
  • Whatever else gets done with the maids here.
  • Probably go out to dinner.
  • Laundry - kids' volleyball jerseys need washed.
  • Whatever I'm forgetting.
  • Walk?
  • Read-aloud?
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work or sleep.
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Good afternoon!

SKL, I'm sorry you are stressed out. I hope you can have some fun this weekend. 

Jen, hope your ds gets well and no one else gets it.

Daddy went to the oncologist today. He has stage 2 Hodgkin's. They said it is contained to his neck and down the middle of his chest to his diaphragm. It is treatable and often curable with chemo. Without anything, he would live about 2 years. He wants to try the chemo. He'll have a bone marrow biopsy to hopefully help shorten the time he has to take it. For having cancer, I think it's the best news we could have received. Thank you for praying! 

Co-op is over, but I have some work to do for the weekend for it. I want to relax awhile before I jump into that. Have a great weekend!

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Well, I ordered those flowers, made the calls, and got the most urgent work out.  So I am feeling a bit more chill.

I realized I forgot about something this morning that is going to ding my kids' grades.  Shoot.  Their responsibility technically, but still.

So it's "the weekend" as far as my kids are concerned.  I need to think about how to get everything done.  I still don't know tomorrow's volleyball schedule though.  ?

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Ds11 to school

Ds9and I to warehouse.

Hardware shop.


Work from home for me.  Music, scratch and online maths for ds9.

Pick up ds11.

Finish at home work.

Ds11 to tennis.

Ds9 and I to courier and post office then park.

Pick up ds11.

Cook tea.


Friday is my one day I don't do paperwork after tea.  I love it.

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