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And Another Thing... (Eaudio frustrations)

Julie Smith

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My youngest son just finished listening to the 5th book in the Hitchhiker's guide series and wants the 6th book, "And Another Thing". He wants it as an Eaudio, the same format he listed to the 5 previous books. 

- The library didn't have it, except as part of a program for visual impaired people. So no luck. 

- I went to buy the E-audio from amazon.ca. Not available. 

- I created a new account on https://www.audiobooks.com/ . Turns out the version they have is the BBC dramatization. So no luck. 

- I created a new account on https://www.kobo.com . After I created the account - then they told me the e-audio version isn't available in Canada. 

- I went to the author's website. It links to itunes.... only the ebook is available. 

- I searched 3 other libraries I can access using family members. No luck.


WHY does this have to be so difficult??? I know I can buy the CD version. But I don't want to own the CDs. I don't want to own them, and no one wants Youngest to have to listen on the computer which is also in the kitchen. I can tolerate the CD version if it's free, but I don't want to pay 25 dollars for it if I don't have to. 

So before I buy the CDs - or give up - is there an option I'm missing? 

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Make a visually-impaired friend? No? Okay, but this is a really hard audiobook to find. I checked WorldCat and found it in exactly zero libraries. 

Can someone in the states buy it on Audible or Kobo and send you the file? I really have no idea if that would work or not. 

If you get the CDs, it's easy to copy to a file and then transfer to a device. 


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