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Looking for an engaging, most self direct writing program

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I am looking for an engaging writing program for up elementary kids. We used NaNoWriMon before and kids absolutely love it. I am looking for an alternative option that kids can spend a few hours a week to write. Thanks!

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I found the Wordsmith series to be very self directed with my no nonsense writer. The first book in the series (Apprentice) would be appropriate for upper elementary and is fun.

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Agreeing with previous poster -- Wordsmith Apprentice (gr. 4-6) is a delightful program that can be scheduled with as big or as little of a "chunk" as fits your schedule. However, WA might be too light for students who participated in NaNoWriMon. The next program in the series, Wordsmith (gr. 6-8), is also self-directed, but very straightforward and does not have the silly cartoons and the fun cub reporter type of theme to it that WA has -- so it's more like a regular writing program. Here's the Cathy Duffy review of both programs.

You might look at Cover Story (gr. 6-8) if you have strong creative writers. Here's the Cathy Duffy review.

If just looking for a once a week or occasional fun supplement, you might check out:
Rip the Page and Leap Write In (Benke)
- Adventures in Fantasy (Gust)

The Imaginary World of (Smith)
Writing Magic: Creating Stories that Fly (Levine)
- Cliffhanger Writing Prompts (Scholastic)

Walking By the Way: Creative Writing -- 9 free lessons

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