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And swoosh, up it goes!


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We went to the beach Sat - Monday.  We've taken several ferries from different locations but this was our first time on this particular one - Southport (OKI) to Ft. Fisher (South of Wilmington, NC).

DD has a flared dress and I bought a very coastal, summery dress (lightweight cotton) that is also semi-flared.  Well, I was in the car holding area and all of a sudden "swoosh" and up goes my dress from below my knee to around my hip area.  There was so much fabric flying everywhere.

Gets funnier - You know the cars are packed together, right?  OK.  Well, I was standing in front of one when this happened.  I crouched over and pointed to my eyes and them, all the while shaking my head no and saying, "you didn't see that!".  Well, needless to say the Mom and Dad saw that.  Their 2 kids in back, maybe.  The Mom, Dad and I laughed!

I pulled my dress down and was only slightly humiliated! HA! 

I've never worn a dress on a ferry before and it certainly wasn't our first time.  I should have thought that through better.

Same thing happened to DD on the same ferry trip.  She was upstairs reading a book and her very flared dress just lifted up!  I don't know if it was as noticeable though as she was sitting. It was to me b/c I was next to her.  Don't know if anyone else actually saw it.


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13 minutes ago, Katy said:

They make dress weights and/or fishing weights you can sew into the hems of dresses to prevent this sort of thing, but I usually just swoop the skirt in between my knees and clench in a wind like that.

Oh yes, clenching and gathering and more of the same the entire trip.  But, this just caught me off guard.  I was up against and between cars.  I was surprised and not expecting it! :)  Dress weights -  have not heard of these but they sound interesting.  Will check it out.

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1 hour ago, PrincessMommy said:

I'm glad you were a good sport about it.  I would have been mortified.  And I wear spanks or split slips under all my dresses.

Right!  I just get SO HOT naturally and combine that with the fact that we're in NC and the beach at that time. It was just HOT!  I try to wear the lightest weight clothes here in the summer but I may have to rethink wearing a half slip under that particular dress, especially wearing it back home in the city.  Yikes!  I can just imagine!  

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