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Puberty books for boys - recs?


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There are so many out there! What's your favorite?

We are religious, I'd prefer something without the drawings of private parts (though I'm more ok with it if it's a diagram that serves a specific purpose), and preferably with the view of "it's normal to feel X" without the "it's ok to do X" X in my mind being masturbation, having a girlfriend, premarital sex, etc.

I am looking for something that mentions hormones, stink/hygiene, body changes, emotions (I'm thinking mood swings) physical attraction, sex, STIs, contraception, etc. I'm not an expert in teenage boys though.

My son is 9, but taking notes for the closer-to-teenage years too.

But if you have a favorite that does include this sort of stuff, please share anyways. Thanks!

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I think 9 is a completely appropriate time for a puberty book.  We actually teach about that, sex ed/chastity, and avoiding porn at age 8.

I think given the parameters of religious AND not liking drawings, you're not going to be happy with other people's recommendations.  Maybe go on Amazon and look through the most helpful reviews, and then see if the 3-5 you like the sound of are at your local library so you can take a good look at them first.

ETA: I missed the part about linking books we like even if they don't fit your criteria. Here you go:

  • Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys covers what you're asking about, but there are some pictures and it's secular
  • Good Pictures, Bad Pictures covers avoiding porn in a non-shame based way that encourages kids to talk to you when they see something they shouldn't
  • It's Perfectly Normal and Where Did I Come From are sex-ed books that I practically guarantee you won't like, either because of secular/inclusive approaches OR pictures or both. Personally we'd rather cover controversial topics AND Biblical points of view simultaneously, from a younger age.
  • Teaching Your Children Values is the book that convinced me to cover these topics at age 8, basically because they are old enough to understand it and that it's a controversial topic, naturally modest enough to understand keeping the conversations private, there aren't enough hormones involved yet for them to avoid the conversation entirely or be enticed into thinking that anything but marriage is appropriate for sex, which is the only point of view I want them to have at a young age.
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