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This week is WTMA orientation week and next week classes officially begin.  What classes are your students taking? 

My 8th grader is taking AOPS Algebra (delayed), Expository Writing II (delayed), and Geography.   This is his 3rd year at WTMA.

Algebra- last year my nonmathy Ds took prealgebra through WTMA with Mrs Yoo.  He needed a lot of extra help from me but he learned a lot, more than I think he would have learned otherwise I think.  One frustration for him was he was much slower than other students so it was difficult when it was time to work out examples. This year he is doing the delayed option so he can pause the video and work the problems.  He is also using the online text which is much easier to read and it has the videos embedded.

Expository Writing II - this will be his first writing class at WTMA. He completed WWS1 two years ago. Last year he did some W&R and a lot of summaries and reports. He is very excited about this course and a little disappointed that it isn't live.

Geography- last spring I signed him up for this class during the discounted period not knowing if he would have time in his schedule. Over the summer it became clear that there wasn't room in his schedule for it and I was planning on dropping the course. After signing in to his WTMA account and exploring the class he is most excited for this class so he will try to fit it in. Right now he is in orientation.

What classes are your students taking?

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