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Grinchy gripe

I talk to the trees

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Can I have a little cheese with my whine?

We are having a ~75 year old maple tree cut down today. It is big and old, and needs to go because it overhangs a brand new roof. But allow me to channel my inner Grinch for a moment: If there's one thing I hate, it's the noise, noise, Noise, NOISE! Saaaaaaaaaaw, THUMP! Saaaaaaaaaaaaw, THUMP! has been going on since 8:00 this morning. I have music, the A/C, and the dishwasher running, but it still comes through loud and clear!

(Gripe over. Thanks for listening. We now return you to more important topics.)

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Well, at least they aren't doing a whole new city sewer project in your driveway / backyard.  That was going on here for a month and a half.  Now they still need to replace our driveway.

I had just recovered from the addition / re-flooring we had done a few years ago, where they took like 4 months to do what was supposed to take less than a month ....

So ... I feel ya....

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1 hour ago, Pen said:

An aside: I am looking at your pic on tiny screen and wondering if the dog’s own fur ruff and ears are all white and fluffy  or if it is dressed in something. 


That's my best buddy I lost in April. He was a sheltie, and would do anything for me, including posing with a bunch of handspun yarn draped over him (some of which is made of his own combings!) I have always thought he looked kind of like he was wearing a Goldilocks wig.

p.s. The tree guys are finished- ?, and none too soon, as I hear the rumble of thunder moving in! Or is that just my ears ringing? Nope. It's thunder. ?

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