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Favorite resource for homeschooling high school--info on record keeping, grades, common app, etc.

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I'm just looking for a comprehensive source--website, book, even an app--that you find most helpful.  I realize we have "master thread" posts but I'd like a one-stop resource to recommend to a friend as she starts homeschooling high school for the first time and really wants to get a system in place.  (I've been doing it rather piecemeal for a few years now and could probably use some organization myself!)

Thanks for any recommendations!

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There is NO *one* resource that covers ALL of those topics, because transcripts/recordkeeping is one big topic, and the college search process is another very different wide topic, while applying to college/Common App is yet another very broad topic.... etc. You will find whole books on each of those topics, LOL!

However, since your friend is just starting homeschooling high school, the key topics she will want to address are:
- making a high school plan (which includes understanding if your area has required credits for graduation AND understanding required credits for college admissions)
- deciding on whether or not to outsource any courses, and is so, finding the best providers for your needs
- deciding on whether or not she needs an umbrella/cover school for an accredited diploma (which also does your transcript)
- deciding on a method for record keeping, and then how to create a transcript (or outsource to a service)

Perhaps your friend would like to start with an overall guide to homeschooling high school, just to get a feel for the kinds of topics she'll want to research/address at some point. Debra Bell's Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens, or Lea Ann Garfias' Homeschool High School Made Easy might help. Lee Binz has good material on record keeping/transcripts. I don't know if her materials also include making a high school plan, although she does have a "coffee break" book on how to homeschool grades 9 & 10.

As for researching outsourcing options... that is so individual as to what's available in your area or what your budget can afford, that there are no books on that topic, at least not that I am aware of... 

Anyways, once your friend has those things in place for getting started homeschooling high school, then she can start researching the next layer of subjects. For example, researching all of the tests (AP, PSAT, SAT/ACT, CLEP) to decide if any of those are going to be needed, and if so, how to prep for those, where/how to sign up, etc. Also, that is a good time to consider your options for potential dual enrollment at the local community college or university. That is yet another whole book-worth of information. And no actual book on that topic that I can think of. Decisions about tests usually need to happen in 10th/11th grades. Decisions about dual enrollment tend to be made in 11th/12th grades -- but, YMMV depending on the student.

And that leads into the next stage of research, which is career exploration and the college search process. Some people do a little bit of career exploration in every grade of high school -- and some even start in middle school. But if you don't start until 11th grade, the world won't end either. (LOL) But the college search process probably needs to start by 11th grade for a variety of reasons. And getting into the college search process will very likely lead into needing to learn about Financial Aid, which is a whopping huge topic all on its own.

By 12th grade, you are mostly into the *applying* for college stage, and finishing up high school requirements for graduation, plus filling in with anything that you missed along the way.

All that to say, I'd suggest your friend focus on the first level of topics, which could mostly be addressed by Lee Binz + an overview of homeschooling high school book, get into actually *doing* her first year of homeschool high school, and then next year she can start moving into researching the next layer of topics, using resources that best address *those* topics. JMO!

BEST of luck as you help your friend navigate the start of homeschooling high school! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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Genuinely this board.

Other one stop solutions assume a lot.  Here you will find kids applying to highly selective schools and starting community college, highly advanced and working through LDs, focused on a specific path and still putting it all together.

It isn't hobbled by a publication schedule that makes it out of date.

Its interactive.  Ask a question and you're likely to get several responses.  Many will explain the reasoning behind their answer or point to references.  (As an example the high school chemistry thread has over 200 replies.


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