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Please help me finally make up my mind!

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I have been researching and staring at curriculum for months and I am losing my mind now that time is running out.  We start school in less than two weeks and I am stuck between two curriculums in three subjects for my son who is starting 9th grade.  Could you please give me your input on which you would choose and why? Thanks!  Maybe one of your posts will give me the push I'm looking for. 

English:  Illuminating Literature or Essentials in Literature (I think I like the "tone" of IL and the way it is written to the student, but the DVD's from EIL are a pull.  IL uses a lot more novels FWIW)

Science: Elements of Science Biology or Friendly Biology (Looking for something that will keep his interest and have doable labs...FB seems to be common items, while ES has virtual and hands-on labs)

World Geography: North Star Geography or Around the World in 180 Days (Strongly leaning towards NSG, as ATW looks like it may be dry for him, but I already have the teachers manual from a friend for ATW so I keep looking at it and pondering)


THANK YOU in advance for any direction you offer.  


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I don't know anything about Illuminating Literature, but I find I dislike Sharon Watson's other products. They are written to the student, but have a very specific worldview that isn't apparent from the samples. It's too bad, because her teaching is pretty good. YMMV, but I was really disappointed and ditched Power in Your Hands halfway through the year last year.  I never looked at the lit course because my older kids had a strong dislike for a couple of the titles when they read them years ago.

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We are doing the EIL for 9th grade. So far DS likes it, we started several weeks ago. It is written to him and the dvds help. Also it breaks it down into chunks/days for you.

As far as the others, no experience, but I did as other posters suggest and let DS pick when I had two or more options. Including electives.


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