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DH left this morning for his annual Labor Day hunting and fishing trip, so of course my car won’t start in the Target parking lot.

Fortunately the shuttle driver was patient as I installed four car seats into the van, and now at least we have diapers and cat food.  And the grocery store delivers (everything but wine).

Nothing like spending a long weekend solo parenting with four kids under six and no vehicle.

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31 minutes ago, happysmileylady said:

To be honest, I would be calling DH and asking him to turn around and come back.  There's no way I am spending from Wednesday through Monday without a functional vehicle.  And, DH wouldn't want me to.  


Now, he *would* give me a whole list of things to try first, starting with pulling out the jumper cables.  

He flew, or I imagine he would have been turning around.  This is a huge annual family (guy) tradition, and even his 90-something grandfather will be there.  He's only missed it one year since he was 12, so I try to keep the significance of the weekend in mind.  This particular year might be pushing my limits!

20 minutes ago, PrincessMommy said:

oh man, that sucks.  I would definitely try to find a solution.  I'm assuming since dh is on a hunting/fishing trip he's probably out of cell phone range.   But, what about a friend?  

Fortunately my neighbor is going to watch the kiddos for an hour while I Uber to the airport and pick up DH's car.  The problem with his car - and any loaner offered by the dealer, etc. - is that I can't fit in four car seats.  BUT if we have an emergency, I can manage to transport the kids.  

The forecast is for rainy weather Fri-Mon, so chances are we would have stuck close to home anyway.  My only "planned" outing was a park trip this afternoon, because our weather is fabulous, but the kids didn't know about that, so they will happily run around the backyard or we'll scooter around the neighborhood.  Certainly not an ideal weekend, but we'll make it work.  I'm a little grumpy (maybe a lot), but I'm going to try to look at it as a forced weekend of household projects.

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Just now, happysmileylady said:

Ah, yeah, can't turn the plane around lol.  When Dh has done fishing trips, he has always driven.  


Is there no way to call a tow truck and have it towed to a mechanic?

He used to drive, but then we moved. ?

The tow truck is picking it up this afternoon.  It was a two hour wait, and I just did NOT want to stick around Target with my littles that long.  I love Target, and all, but that seemed like a bad idea.  So the very nice Tow Truck Man told me to shove the keys under the wheel well, and he'd pick it up by three.  I called my mechanic, and they are swamped, but he's sending the car to someone else he trusts to at least get a speedy diagnosis.  Hopefully it's a quick fix, and I can get it back before the weekend, but I'm bracing myself for the long haul just in case.  

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