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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  Up since 4:30 am, thanks to an old dog who can't seem to go the whole night any more without having to be let outside.

-DS17 off to school
-school with DS13 (including orientation at 10 am for WTMA Expository Writing III and at 2 pm for WTMA Ancient Lit)
-workout (kickboxing)
-laundry DONE:  0 (goal:  at least 2-3 loads)
-straighten up living areas a bit
-vaccuum living areas (dog is leaving tumbleweeds of hair all over the place)
-go vote in primary election here in FL
-maybe try to get some sun - nope.  Darn FL afternoon thunderstorms
-read Gilgamesh (prereading for DS13's lit class)
-dinner (chicken of some sort)

ETA:  I completely forgot it is primary day here in FL.  So need to add go vote to my to do list.

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  • Call a few places
  • Go to craft workshop and work on pillowcases that I couldn't help with yesterday due to A/C issues
  • make dinner
  • plan directions and plans for trip that starts Thursday
  • take care of myself since I am getting sick again (I have been in places where people were coughing a few times in the last few days and insomnia today because of painful postnasal drip) oh and Pink and Green, I was up since 3am unfortunately.
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Good morning!

The usuals are done, dh's breakfast and lunch, the cats fed, and coffee.

To Do:

  • meals                                                     still need to do dinner
  • school with ds (mostly independent work today)
  • tutor 4 students
  • take ds to swim
  • work on some co-op class materials for the parents
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Good morning!

  • Dd to tutorial.
  • Make dinner (crock pot)
  • School with Ds  
  • Ask Dh to pick up veggies. Give him the check for tomato cocktail.  
  • Walk? Maybe too hot.
  • Ds to/from science class.
  • Call mom
  • Ask Dh to pick up Dd.   
  • Read. 


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Good morning!

  • ds18 doctor appt. at 7:45 to get booster shot
  • pay tuition bills
  • office work (bills, go through emails)
  • send a kid to the post office
  • get another copy of kids' health insurance cards
  • order fly spray (cannot wait until fly season is over)
  • hay delivery?
  • dust & vacuum upstairs & clean two bathrooms
  • laundry - wash blankets
  • dinner: I have three heads of cauliflower in the fridge, so I'm making cauliflower buffalo wings. Probably a salad and maybe oven fries, too. 
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Good morning! Fairly regular day here-Everything I need to do is inside the house.

  • coffee/paper
  • kids off to school (ds3 has an away match)
  • write
  • jen things
  • work on basement room (move out some furniture, rip up part of the carpet)
  • shower
  • read
  • daily chores
  • dd2 to practice
  • watch ds3's match
  • pick up ds3 when the bus gets back
  • leftovers for dinner
  • homework with ds3

Have a great day!

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Morning, all!

Today is ds's first day back at cc.  Spent 1/2 hour tearing the house apart looking for his backpack.  Not like he had all day yesterday to get ready...

To do:


dr appt

dd's music lesson

probably stop at Costco for one of the chickens, salad

work on some donation bags for charity pick up tomorrow

Decide what to do with the curriculum that won't sell...I've listed here, craigslist, homeschooling forums.  Should I just suck it up and drop it off at the library?  It's 3 boxes taking up space in the living room.  

Have a great day!

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28 minutes ago, Pink and Green Mom said:

Selkie, if you have a cauliflower buffalo wing recipe to share I'd love to see it.  I've tried several I've found on line and I'm never happy with how they turn out.

This is my favorite recipe, but it's for red curry wings:


Here's the buffalo wings recipe I'm trying tonight:


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Halfway through my goals (writing/exercise)

cleared out bookcase, cleaned desk, pulled up some carpet-decided to wait for some muscle to help

Showered, started a load of laundry

sitting down for lunch and a little bit of reading.

Next up: finish kitchen and rest of goals (art/handwork)

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kitchen 90% of the way done (have to wait for the stove to cool off before I can finish wiping that off).

one load in washing machine

dd - cleaned bathroom sinks and 90 of the sink and counters  (I have to do a touch up to my standards).  took out bathroom trash.

I took out kitchen trash and recycling.

I cleaned off the coffee table.

I am in the process of cleaning off the dining room table but needed to sit down for a minute. 

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Hi guys, I'm back!  I missed the Hive - though I did read many posts on my iphone.  (I never log in from my iphone, I read as a stalker.)

The trip to DC was a success (but exhausting).  We drove home last night and got in about 1:30am.


  • Got the kids up & off to the school bus.  Sent off the caregiver.  Need to make sure she gets a check in the mail.
  • Went back to bed.  Woke again after 1pm!
  • Fought with my computer.  Internet is on and off today, so frustrating.  I finally switched to my iphone hotspot.  Caught up on emails, news, social media stuff.
  • Sister called and chatted for maybe an hour.  I could not believe it was past 3pm and school was out when we finished.

To do:

  • Work.
  • Yoga.
  • Check out Couch to 5K.
  • Pay bills.
  • Make a donation to sponsored kid's medical fund.
  • Kids come home on the school bus; review whatever they have, papers, homework, make sure all is on track.
  • 1 kid will go to horse riding, the other will do homework.
  • Some sort of meal....
  • Make kids clean and practice their instruments since they have band tomorrow.
  • Whatever else is needed for school; pack bags for tomorrow.
  • Read-aloud.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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Ugh, this evening is not going well so far.

The reality of "back to school" seems to be just hitting me.

No TV on weekdays.  1 phone already confiscated for breaking that rule and the no-eating-outside-the-kitchen rule.

Other kid has to re-write her entire assignment so the teacher can actually read it.

Probably not wise of my kid to tell me the ex-nanny (who was here for 2 nights) is better than I am at getting them to do homework.

Plus, I have a headache.  I want to go back to bed!

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