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Looks like I have a new grand-kitty

Jann in TX

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My oldest was walking out of a grocery store today when she heard a tiny cat meowing from a car.  The windows were cracked but it was over 100 degrees outside so she went to get the store manager. When they got back to the car the manager said the kitten was not inside the car-- it was IN the car!  After a frantic few minutes they were able to free the little guy.  The lady who owned the car had just come from an 8 hour shift so the kitten must have crawled up into the wheel area at that time for shade...

DD took the little fella home and gave him a good bath with Dawn-- and her middle sister claimed him immediately!

Right now she is deciding on names-- Bently (because the car was an old Bently) or Hubcap-- called Hubby for short.  She is leaning towards Hubby.

Tomorrow morning I will take him to a vet for a check up.  If he is healthy then I will officially have a new grand-kitty!


Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 9.37.38 PM copy.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 9.37.46 PM copy.jpg

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4 minutes ago, BeachGal said:

He’s a little cutie. Do you think there might be a litter nearby?

The car owner took off as soon as she could-- she wanted nothing to do with the kitten.  No idea where she worked.

Kitten obviously had a ride IN the car... he was extremely dirty and dehydrated.

Updated photo below-- dd said he is eating and drinking and has snuggled into a towel for the night.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 10.38.38 PM copy.jpg

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I took him to the vet today-- he is a cutie-- maybe 5-6 weeks old and weighs in at just a hair over 8 oz.

Vet said he is healthy considering yesterday's stress.  His mama cat did a great job-

My middle daughter has claimed ownership-- sight unseen.  I will bring him up to her Wednesday or Thursday.

I got to go to the store and buy all sorts of kitten stuff!-- I love my grand-kitties!

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Poor little kitty! So lucky he didn't get hurt in there & that he was rescued by kitty lovers!

When I was in high school, a (fully grown) feline hitched a ride to a family reunion with an elderly relative (in the trunk, IIRC). Said relative didn't want cat to ride the 4 hours back with them (can't remember if it was even theirs...!), so we took it home with us. Cats are weird. ?

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Reminds me of how we acquired our younger cat a couple of years ago. I was pulling out of the driveway on my way to work when I thought I heard a meow from somewhere under my car. I stopped and checked thoroughly under and around and behind the car but didn't see anyone.  I got a couple of miles from home, stopped at a stoplight and then heard the sound again, this time clearly coming from behind the dashboard. I pulled over, called roadside assistance and my husband. A few hours later, we finally pulled a teeny black and white fluffball out from his hiding place inside the front bumper. 

We weren't looking for a cat, but he, apparently, was looking for us. 

His name is Stitch.

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