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Anybody have any experience with chronic kidney disease and mineral and bone disorder?


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Basically, the bones become brittle like with osteoporosis.

Family member has chronic kidney disease.... not sure of the stage likely 3 or 4.... but refuses to go back to the nephrologist.  This person is experiencing excruciating pain in both kidneys now as well as pain in various bones in the body.  Knows what is going on, but doesn't want to see anybody.  Has had issues with parathyroid for at least two years now.   Only treating with occasional Vitamin D. 

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Not a lot of experience - my son has IgA Nephropathy as a result of an auto-immune disorder, but his is mild and this summer moved to an annual schedule for checking his kidney function. I know that the mineral and bone disorder is caused by kidney disease and that dialysis helps to both prevent and to treat it. There are other treatments that involve dietary changes, IIRC. There are a lot of things that kidney disease causes - I try not to think about it too much. I'm not much help.

 I found this for you:



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