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female question - ?bartholin's gland? UPDATE


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anyone know anything?  it's not quite in the right location based on diagrams (outside) - but it's swollen, distinct lump, the skin over it is brown (I had dh look), and it's been there in some form for at least a year.  it just recently moved to the painful category. (before it was more irritating)

I no longer have a gyn, so I'll have to call the clinic and find who can see me when.

what can you tell me?

please don't quote - as I may delete.


I have an appointment with a PA today,  I finally got through to obgyn - and they can't get me in until thursday.  obgyn said to go to the one today - then if needed I can go to them on thursday.

dh thinks it looks like a mole. - absolutely not a mole.

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From what I've read, it is likely a cyst that you have had for the past year, which are largely harmless.  But, since it has become painful, it is likely that it has become infected.  You probably do need to see a doctor for that.  Are you having other symptoms?  Fever?  Is the area hot?  

This is what the Mayo Clinic website recommends: 


When to see a doctor

Call your doctor if you have a painful lump near the opening of your vagina that doesn't improve after two or three days of self-care — for instance, soaking the area in warm water (sitz bath). If the pain is severe, make an appointment with your doctor right away.

Also call your doctor promptly if you find a new lump near your vaginal opening and you're older than 40. Although rare, such a lump may be a sign of a more serious problem, such as cancer.


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Besides a sitz bath, you can try warm compresses and see if it goes away or ruptures (cysts sometimes do). A clean damp wash cloth next to the skin plus a clay-based hot pad (microwavable) behind the washcloth makes a great compress. The clay holds heat a long time. You might have to repeat every couple of hours for a while to see any results. Often, if it's going to soften and rupture, it will hurt worse after a warm compress, but overall, it should get more fluctuant or get a central head (like acne) before it disappears or ruptures. 

If that doesn't make a significant difference, I'd get it checked out.


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it's too deep to be able to rupture.   I dont' have a fever.

I plan on calling and setting up an appointment tomorrow.   I have been (and still am) spending so much of my time chasing down therapists for dudeling that my insurance company is happy about.    I now have a list I've check out - so when my insurance company says "this one",  I can say "the don''t do A, B, and C."

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