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Another mass shooting, again in Florida

Lady Florida.

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Not a mass shooting but over here we just had a couple charged with capital murder of their baby (1 yo) who they shot intentionally.

Then last week we heard about the gunmen who were killing people in Nashville- not all in one place but a number of places over a week or two.  

I still believe there are more good people than bad..

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I'm horrified.

This hits close to home as ds is a huge esports fan & is the one who alerted me to the story.

The sound recording that was captured (the shooting happened during live streaming of an event) is horrifying. I'm sobbing after hearing the multiple shots & screams.

I feel sick. Literally sick.

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This is way too close to home for me.

We live in Jacksonville.

I follow GLHF on Facebook, and it's a place I've thought about taking my eldest as he's a gamer.  Instead we ended up going to a different place

for a D&D tournament.

Gutted for the families of the victims.



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