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Dr. Hive - weird abdominal pain?

Noreen Claire

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Starting yesterday, late afternoon, I've been getting these intense, split-second, deep twinges. They feel like they go straight across my lower abdomen. Happened 3 times yesterday, 4 or 5 times today. They are very quick, very sudden, and very intense, and then they are gone.

They are *not* abdominal muscle spasms. They are DEEP. I'm fairly sure they aren't gas pains. FWIW I am 44, 50lbs overweight, and have had 8 pregnancies with 5 live births. I'm on cycle day #19, use NFP, and am possibly at the very beginning of perimenopause. Physical with perfect blood work last winter. Last ob/gyn appt was probably last fall.

I don't have any other complaints today, except that my anxiety is up a bit, but I'm starting a new job soon and that has been stressful.

Any ideas? (I'm trying to convince myself it's not cancer.)

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6 hours ago, J-rap said:

I wonder if it could be a (benign) ovarian cyst?  I've had a few in my lifetime that could be quite painful, and the pain would come and go a bit like that.  (They always eventually went away on their own.)

I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20s. I went on birth control for years (while I was single and celibate, to boot!). I've been off of it for 10+ years now. I wonder if it comes back?

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