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I'm going to stop asking history questions. soon. really. Greenleaf Guides???


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I use these and they are most appropriate for the upper grammar years to early logic stage (grades 3-6 or 7). Most of the chapters contain a list of vocabulary words from the reading, a list of people/places to recognize, and discussion questions, along with an occasional matching quiz.


I find them to be very helpful. They also suggest other resources, to use for mapwork, or additional reading.


If you want a simpler approach to history, this is a good choice. Read the Famous Men books, use the guides for discussion, and do some mapwork or a timeline.

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Okay, the books I own, by Greenleaf Press, say on them that instructors will find them useful with students from second grade through junior high.


I read from them for grammar stage; I use the discussion questions through logic stage. I think that they could be do alone studies, with students responding in writing, through high school, particularly if they've come to classical studies late and haven't already done these topics to death.


They do not really include any appreciable amount of geography work. They do include Vocabulary and "People and Places" sections, as well as lots of discussion questions. There are no "answer keys", as the discussion questions are pretty opinion based, or are questions directly related to the text they've just read, so answers are in that short reading. There's a timeline at the end of the guide.


I'm not sure if there are any changes in text, additions to the guides, etc. in the Memoria Press editions, as I've not perused them that closely (I already owned the others). HOWEVER, the Memoria Press editions DO add in COLOR illustrations throughout, which in my mind makes these otherwise rather dry books more accessible for elementary children and more enjoyable for any age who appreciates good illustration work.



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