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Who’s going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning! dh made it home safely and the dog is getting better. Today is tennis, errands, some general cleanup. We might have dmil and sil over for dinner tonight but I don't know for sure. Edited to add: now I know-they are coming.

  • ds3 to tennis
  • home-couple chores
  • watch match later
  • write- currently procrastinating
  • head over to watch 2nd match
  • make sure house is clean
  • homework with dd2
  • dinner with sil, her bf, and dmil

Have a great day!

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Good morning!

I'm enjoying some peace and quiet this morning, since dh is off playing pickleball and the kids are still sleeping. I need a day to hibernate at home after the Comic Con trip yesterday. Traffic, crowds, ugh, but also lots of fun. Highlight: Meeting Jon Heder, aka Napoleon Dynamite. *Our favorite movie ever* Got a funny picture of him and ds19, who was dressed up like Rex Kwon Do from the movie.?


  • do some cleaning - it is really a mess in here - have to get after the kids to pick up their stuff
  • put away laundry
  • unpack Vitacost order
  • work with horses, clean & treat feet. Saddles need cleaning, too.
  • clean fridge
  • make plans for a couple things we want to do tomorrow
  • read
  • dinner: I'm taking the day off from cooking, so maybe Japanese food or something from the freezer


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Good morning! A very ordinary Saturday here.


  • Pet care
  • Pick up Dd
  • Watch horse show for an hour

To do:

  • meal planning, including figure out dinner
  • grocery
  • watch ds' flag football game
  • work at church
  • prep for Sunday
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I got sidetracked this morning...forgot to post!  

I had to run out this morning to pick up laundry and cleaning supplies, decided to grocery shop as well.

I have been going non-stop since 7:30, just sat down to eat something.  

I want to drop book donations off at library, so I have to convince myself to get up and moving.  

Maybe church tonight, or just watch Netflix.  

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Hi, chiming in late again.

I will be traveling for the next 2 days and leaving my kids with a caregiver, so I have a lot to do but not sure how it breaks down between tonight & tomorrow morning.


  • I woke up late to get the kids from the lock-in.  Arrived 18 minutes tardy.  I was the second-last parent and I don't care.
  • Drove Younger to a horse jumping clinic.  Hoped her 25-minute power nap was enough to keep her from falling off her horse.
  • Let elder sleep a bit in the car and then charged her up with some frappe.
  • Elder to math tutor.
  • Walked.  It was a great day for walking!  Total walking so far today was 4.6 miles.
  • Took kids to saddle shop.  My 11yo now wears size 10 boots.  This is ridiculous.  Also ordered a new helmet.
  • Went out to Indian buffet for lunch.  Indian puts all of us to sleep on a good day.  My youngest could barely survive the meal.
  • Worked out scheduling for the kids for the next 2 days (activities, caregivers/drivers).
  • Dropped friend off for ethnic singing event.
  • Back home, my kids and I all collapsed into bed.  The kids are still sleeping.  (It's past 8:30.)
  • Yoga.
  • Coffee.  Need more though.
  • I finally got online, checked all my email accounts, social media, bla bla bla.

To do between now and noon tomorrow:

  • More coffee.
  • Lots of "work" work.
  • Do all laundry.
  • Contact volleyball coach to request early dismissal for 1 kid due to schedule conflict.
  • Clean my bedroom as the caregiver will be sleeping in it for 2 nights.
  • Clean out pets' cages.
  • General house cleaning for a casual houseguest.
  • Shower & Hair wash - all 3 of us.
  • Church Sunday morning - the kids and I have to go up front as part of the confirmation program kick-off.
  • Groceries.
  • Get cash, pay bills, mail check to niece.
  • Clean out my car (it's still full of kid mess from the overnight & before).
  • Kids must finish their homework and pack backpacks.  (Need to know their schedule e.g. do they have gym on Monday ....)
  • Don't forget to pack school forms in the backpacks, or they won't let the kids play sports.
  • Kids need to lay out clothes for Monday.
  • Pack up the van to be driven to the conference - we will have presentation stuff as we are hosting the conference.  I hope we don't have to bring the big mega screen again ....
  • Pack up my clothes and work stuff.
  • Give detailed instructions to the caregivers.
  • Try to work in some yoga / exercise somehow?  Some reading??
  • Whatever I'm forgetting.
  • Drive away.


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