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New math program + Coupon Code

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I just ran into a woman at Starbucks, she's the creator of a new math program for Addition through Division called "Page A Day Math". It is a super cute series, I enjoyed talking to her a lot about her experiences and what she's trying to do with her program, she's a mom and teacher and you can tell she's put a lot of thought and experience into this. Long story short, she has a site up and PDF versions available, and she has some prototype printed ones (she's still setting up the printing for full sets). The book design is awesome.

She has a version of addition that works with a lot of tracing to build math handwriting skills for younger kids just starting out, then different series up through division, as well as assessments and math flash cards. 

While I was talking with her she set up a coupon code for me to share: WTM50 (I chose the WTM part so it'd be easy for me to remember, lol). It will get you 50% off her programs. She also has sample books available to download on her site so you can try it out first. I just bought my last needed workbooks last week but I'm going to try the handwriting addition ones out for my 4yo since he's doing addition but just doesn't have pencil skills yet.

eta: its more a workbook series that goes through everything step by step, no teacher's manual. 

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11 hours ago, OKBud said:

How exciting to casually run into someone who writes homeschool curriculum!


It really was! The poor lady didn't know what hit her but she was gracious and very enjoyable to talk to once she was certain I wasn't going to run off with the boxes, lol. Perhaps I came off a bit strong at first ?

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