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SWB The History of the Medieval World

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I don't think it has actual tests, but this is the study and teaching guide, which includes essay questions, etc. for HOMW: https://welltrainedmind.com/p/study-teaching-guide-history-medieval-world/#product-description


(I haven't actually seen that one.  I own the guide for HOAncientW, and while I haven't used that with a student yet, it seemed very comprehensive to me.)

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I agree with happypamama. The study and teaching guide might be what you're looking for. My daughter will be using History of the Ancient World and I purchased the Study & Teaching Guide.  The work for each chapter is divided into 4 sections: Section 1: Who, What, When , Where  seems to be about basic facts and Section 2 - Comprehension is short answer questions.  Both can be completed open book.  Section 4 is map work.  Section 3 is called Critical Thinking.  These seem to be short essay answer and it is recommended that the student not use the book to answer these. In the "How to Use This Study Guide" section you're given three other ways you could use these sections for example "Have the student complete section 1 using the book and section 2 as a quiz" or "Use section 1 as a pop quiz, etc."

What I'm wondering about is, has anyone written lesson plans for this series?  It looks like my daughter will have to complete three chapters a week to finish the book by the end of the year.  Completing all the sections (not all sections have map work, though) for each chapter three times a week seems like a lot. We'll start school after Labor Day.  I guess we'll see how it goes.?

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We used Ancients last year.  I used the Study and Teaching Guide but modified it for my ds.  It is very easy to give a quiz or test with the Study Guide.  You can give essay questions, vocab words, easily make up multiply choice.  Basically, anything you want.

What I had my son do was write atleast 1 paragraph summary of a Chapter of what he found most interesting.  You can easily do 3 chapters a week that way.  However, sometimes things got crazy and he did 2 chapters a week.  We ended up skipping some chapters because these chapters are sometimes sooo long and drawn out and on top of that has lots info in a chapter.  Then I added for the week some who names for him to write down (listed in the book with answers) and 1 or 2 questions from the study guide. 

You really can't go wrong with getting the Study Guide.  It has everything you need with questions and answers and even how to help them with essay questions.

Also, I cannot stress enough about this book---atleast Ancients, has material in there that I would not want my High School student to know.  Of course, at present I cannot remember.  But it was so bad that I decided to use something else for history this year.  In some parts, it was way too graphic then it needed to be.  My ds is more interested in STEM and so history is just "check the box" for us.

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