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Hi there. New here. I've been reading (and doing) WTM for about 6 years. My oldest has reached 5th grade, and my other kids are 3rd grade, kindegarten, and 20 months. School is about to begin and I'm already tired, worried. All the feelings again. Never thought to find support here, but it looks like folks have really hung together with some tough times. Maybe I can hang with y'all too.

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Hi and welcome!  My kids were similar ages last year and we made it through.  ?  But yeah, I was tired and I second-guess myself all the time about school stuff. 

Have you read Susan Wise Bauer's day in the life posts?  Here's the one from when her kids are just a little younger than yours:  https://welltrainedmind.com/a/a-day-at-our-house-classical-education-plus-baby/

I find it so helpful to read through once in a while because sometimes homeschool success is just holding it together and making sure to do school every day even in the midst of kid chaos.

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