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S/O THIS FROSTING! Apple cake with Brown Sugar Frosting!


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1 hour ago, peacelovehomeschooling said:

Do you mind sharing the recipe?

I need to learn how to post a link but if you google “Cake mix doctor banana cake with quick caramel frosting” you will find it!

Seriously it is amazing. I keep ingredients on hand because people request it every time I get invited somewhere. Even people that don’t like bananas.

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7 minutes ago, unsinkable said:

My girl Mary ( I don't know her but I love her blog) has the banana cake recipe she adapted from Cake Mix Doctor.


Yes, that is it. And I also always make it in a 9x13 cake pan and don't fool with layers. And I pour the icing on while the cake is still warm so it is really quick and no fuss. 

I don't put the nuts on top and the cake is not at all pretty. If you take it somewhere and no one knows what it is it will be left untouched. LOL. But once people taste it, it becomes a favorite. 

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