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What curricula is available that makes teachin more manageable for large families?


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Please forgive me if i have some typos... i'm getting used to a new laptop. anyway, we are using calvert this year, its NOT going well, i've reduced us to just doing a page or so of math and language per child except for my 7th grader who's doing a full calvert load, but mostly on his own. basically, here's my lineup- Alex, age 12, calvert 7. going pretty well but i'd like to participate more. Nikolas-9 working on calvert 2, but not going so well, Chloe-6 working on calvert K except for Calvert 1 in math, which she excells in. Annabeth is 4 and difficult and we started doing calvert math k with her, but then went to kumon workbooks to help her develop better hand eye coordination as she has a hard time writing. oh and Leif is 19 mos and is a TORNADO! i have alex help play with him so i can get the middle kids started but its just not going well. we just started calvert art and music, the enrichment ones and REALLY like them. i'm wondering what other curricula is out there that's similarly low maintenance, like in writing, reading, any other subjects that would help us maximize our potential right now. i'm going to do one of those tv programs, cosmeo or united s


treaming... any feedback would be awesome...


OH and we use a virtual school, so while i'm Christian and prefer a Christian curricula, i can't buy them with our school, and i do have some discretionary funds for homeschool but couldn't afford a whole program like bju homesat or the like...


I'm considering doing unit studies cindy rushton style but i'm a bit afraid having crashed and burned in the whole unit study thing before...


thank you!!


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I couldn't tell from your post. We were w/ a cyber for 2 years (I had 3 in the school, a 5, 4 and toddler as well). Cyber schooling didn't work for us b/c I had to teach so many different subjects and levels and didn't have enough time. This is our first year independent. We're still working out the "glitches" and I'm constantly re-assessing our goals/needs/etc. My advice is to combine where you can. Unit studies, I've heard, can be time consuming to put together. My dc are similar ages (dd11, ds9, ds8, ds6, ds5 and dd2 w/ #7 due in a bit less than 2 mos.). We combine History, Science and Art. My dc have separate math, grammar, spelling, phonics (if applicable), reading, handwriting. We do all core subjects together in the am and I am there to help answer questions/teach when necessary. I put aside an hour to do K w/ my ds5 (we get in about 3 days/wk right now...moving to 5 after baby is born). Dd2 watches Dora, plays w/ Lauri toys, colors, and learns right along with us. It's not easy, but it works. Next year, dd11 will be doing Science independently using Apologia Gen. Sci. We'll still do History together. RIght now we use MOH and some Diana Waring. So, are you planning to stay w/ the cyber?

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Math U see is an easy curriculum?? COOL! i've heard good things about it but thought it was a more teacher intensive one. that's why we chose a simple book math (calvert) with no excess manipulatives.


Our cyberschool actually, is REALLY GREAT! we are in WA, where homeschool laws are pretty lax as is, and the cyberschool we attend (columbia virtual academy) is very reasonable. it was created BY homeschoolers and while we are expected to cover all subject, HOW we do so, and with WHAT curriculum is totally up to us. we have a required number of hours which we have NO problem meeting, LOL. anyway, thanks for your rundown of your day, it helps... i've been homeschooling for almost 8 years now, you'd think i'd have it together by now!!! but the problem is every year our circumstances change, drastically! its NUTS!!


Thanks everyone!

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Life changes at the blink of an eye and the rules change just when you think you've got it all together! We had it together while cybering but I was going NUTS! Now, I'm just going nuts in a different way! So glad you like your cyber. Had ours not been so brick and mortar in our living room, we'd have thought more about staying. Still, I do so enjoy the flexibility even though PA hs laws are just ridiculous.

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Well, I have tried Konos, My Father's World and a more textbook approach with Rod and Staff..... It was ALL a disaster!! What am I doing now? Well, we are using the Robinson Curriculum for the bulk of our reading and vocabulary instruction. We will use their grammar program when each child turns 13. Until then, I will correct their essays that they write.


I am also using IEW SWI-B. We use Mystery of History and Story of the World as our history base as well as historic read alouds. We also notebook for history. Notebooking consists of a written essay/notebook page on each topic we study.


We also study latin/greek roots with English from the Roots up.


Soooo, in a nutshell, we are sticking to the 3r's. Since we have made this change, I have seen my children blossom. They are reading much more, and their writing has improved... because they are writing each and everyday. I teach grammar when the need arises:) We get their spelling from their writing.. you get the idea. LESS IS MORE... I am learning this!!


I will probably utilize more of Ambleside Online next year.


Hope this helps!!

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Mine are:


9th grade son

7th grade son

5th grade son

3rd grade daughter

1st grade daughter




The 9th grader is on his own, almost entirely. My husband and I do weekly-or-so check with him, but he's super reliable so for the most part we don't worry about him


With everyone else, I use A Child's Geography, Mystery of History, and for the 5th grader on down, loosey-goosey science (because I'm a huge believer in Apologia science and have come to realize that they will have it all covered from 7th grade on up. Elementary science isn't really science anyway; it's nature study and discovery). They all do the same copywork based on what we're currently studying in history, but they each work at their age-appropriate pace.


What they do that's more individualized: math, reading and phonics for the 1st grader, logic (7th grader), Greek (5th grader because he wanted to), Latin (7th grader), and penmanship (3rd and 1st graders). We do math all at the same time so I can plan to be right there offering help, and their other subjects are done at the same time as each other, even though they're different.


It works for us. If you want more ideas for keeping those younger ones busy, I have a site and blog written just for you!




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Here's what has worked in our family. Mine are currently 16, 14, 13, 11, 8, 3 and 12 months.


ETC and Get Ready for the Code


A Reason for Handwriting

Calvert Spelling CDs (except for one ds who needs my one-on-one teaching)

Daily Grams

CLP Nature Readers -- read and write narration

Calculadders Math Facts and Ready Writer

Latina Christiana DVDs


Atelier DVDs (do you see a pattern?)

Everything's Coming Up Fractions

Apologia Elementary (little teacher prep; great read-aloud)

Typing Instructor Deluxe

AMSCO Vocabulary series

Building Thinking Skills

Dandylion Logic

Veritas Press history


When I need to ease my load, I will sometimes have the kids pursue delight-directed science. I only need to oversee the projects, put resources in their hands, etc. We did this for 2 different years and I was really amazed at the projects my dc pursued on their own. I have also scaled back on history at different points (usually post-baby) and just put the books in their hands, asking for narrations.


It's critical that you decide where your teaching time is needed most and allocate accordingly. I spend most of my time teaching math, grammar, phonics, writing. We do Bible together in the morning and read-aloud at night after the baby is down.


Also, importanly, ask the Lord to order your day. Ask Him to show you how you might re-arrange or use your time (nap, early morning, evening, even Saturdays) to teach.


Teaching a large family will max you out. It can be done, but it's a precarious balance. :)




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We love My Father's World here. I use their K and 1st grade to teach reading and do one of the 2nd-8th grade programs for the older ones. They also have written the 1st year of their high school program which is done mostly independantly by the student.


Other things we like that are not teacher intensive


FLL 1-4


Singapore Primary Math

Latina Christiana




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