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Who’s going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  Jean, have fun at camp!

-get DS17 off to school
-school with DS13 (still only 4 subjects until after Labor Day when WTMA and AP classes start)
-need to find new book to read as I'm so far behind in 52 book challenge
-straighten up living areas
-come up with rough Whole30 meal plan for week
-probably need to go to Costco for meat and a few other things
-dinner (no idea at this point - chicken maybe?)

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Good morning!   

We were gone all day yesterday moving dd back to college. She only has 3 semesters left and may stay there next summer, so it was bittersweet thinking it could be the last time we move her back to campus. I got to see my dad yesterday. He sees the oncologist this Tuesday, and one of my sisters is able to go with him. We are anxious to find out more details. 

The usuals are done, feeding the cats and getting dh's food ready for him to head out to school. Now off to the rest of it.

  • get school list together for ds for the week and do today's work
  • meals                  
  • look over tutoring for this week            today's student is done, but need to look ahead
  • tutor one student
  • more prep for co-op classes
  • tidy house              worked on main living areas, but need to do a bit more
  • meal plan and get groceries
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Good morning! 

Sending good thoughts your way Mom31257. 

  • schoolwork
  • piano
  • snack for playdate
  • playdate
  • call orthodontist✔️
  • wash sheets for guest bed and remake it
  • dinner
  • cut 300 yards of wire into 2 foot long pieces
  • wash rocks
  • Run my first homeschool teen art night!! ? We are making wire tree sculptures!
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Good morning!


Rainy day here, and a little bit hectic. The steps and railings of our main staircase are getting redone today.

  • office work (usual Monday things...)
  • make shopping list
  • dust & vacuum upstairs and clean 2 bathrooms
  • college things (go over tuition bills, make appt. for boys to get their immunizations updated)
  • place a couple orders (Vitacost, LL Bean)
  • dinner: baked potatoes & chili
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Good morning!

  • School. First day of online Latin for dd. Still light for her since she has two classes that don't start til Sept.
  • Order more Sunday school curriculum
  • Other church work
  • Make dinner early.
  • Budget/bills.
  • Work at consignment sale.  Headed out momentarily. This big sale is time consuming, but working allows me to shop before the consignors and to get very nice clothes for my kids for not much money. 



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Good morning! Sending prayers your way, Amy. It's a fairly busy day here, as ds2's packing is actually in earnest, a grocery store run is desperately required, preseason workouts start for dd2, and ds3 has a team dinner after practice.

  • coffee/paper
  • get kids off to school
  • get out the packing list for ds2 and see what else we need
  • grocery store
  • jen things-update calendar
  • make "helpful" suggestions about packing
  • ds2 to aikido
  • dd2 to workout
  • pick up ds3 from dinner
  • figure out something for the rest of us

Have a great day!


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Howdy!  Today was supposed to be the day I roused everyone out of bed at 6:45am so we get used to going to bed and waking up at times amenable to school attendance.  Ha!  I did get up.  I told the brats to wake up.  Then I went back to bed, and so did they.  Hmph!

So now it's nearly 10 and all I've accomplished is:

  • Woke the kids up again.
  • A little reading.
  • Checked news, facebook, emails, WTM.
  • Played around with Rubik's Cube.  (I started playing with my kid's cube earlier this year, when I have to wait for my computer to load or whatever.  I swear I will solve it before I die!)
  • Texted kids' driver re this week's schedule.
  • Made this post.

To do:

  • Yoga.
  • Shower.
  • Coffee.
  • Lots of "work" work.
  • School online forms already.
  • Make the kids practice music and math at least.
  • Kids' dental appointment.
  • Buy a new printer / scanner / fax machine.
  • International transfer for donation (need to do this at the bank).
  • More work.
  • Have kids pack their backpacks for school.
  • Back to school night.
  • Read-aloud.
  • Kids to bed.
  • More work.
  • Whatever else gets done.
  • Somehow work 4 miles of walking in there somewhere.
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Good Afternoon

  • Took my morning meds
  • Coumadin appt done
  • Found out that allergy office can cut up fruit
  • Put away clean laundry
  •  Still to do-- put away clean dishes
  • get dry cleaning
  • return library book
  • go to travel class
  • go to store and get more things for dinner
  • maybe go to middle dd's soccer game (adult soccer)  game canceled due to rain
  • find out which stores have guava and papaya on the shelf. (sort of, got papaya, need guava and passion fruit)
  • take afternoon, evening, and night medicines
  • Probably do at least 2 laundries  (fail)


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Got all my outside work done before the sprinkles turned into a downpour.

I've spent most of the morning going over last minute getting-ready-for-college issues with my boys. Looked through the tuition bills, got textbooks ordered, figured out what their weekly expenses will be, moved money over from their college funds.

Got a little bit of office work done, too. 

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Worked at the sale and came home to find stinky trash not taken out, laundry not done, kitchen sink leaking. Sigh. 

I did the chores, handled the water under the sink, got kids and the dog to bed, lit a candle, set up my coffee maker and did some breakfast prep. 

Dh is glued to his work computer.

Checked my snail mail and email. Made a mental list for tomorrow

Next up: move the laundry, kiss my kids, read a book til I fall asleep. 

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Well, I got a lot done, but didn't do much "work" work.  We got to the instrument repair guy, but he determined the kids could do the cleaning  themselves and gave them a lesson in how to do it.  We bought the new printer and I made the donation wire transfer at the bank.  The kids got their teeth cleaned / fixed and their hair trimmed.  I got some school info and the kids' math textbook (extra copy for home).  I made some progress on the kids' school registrations.  I got the kids to practice music, hear some literature, and watch some "educational videos."  And I walked 4.1 miles.

One more day to prepare for 7th grade.

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