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Big Data: looking for books, articles, other resources


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I'm especially looking for information on what Big Data analysis can do right now, and what proponents think is possible to develop, as well as what's actually involved in the data collection and analysis.  Thanks for any resources you can point me to - I'm trying get a better idea of both how it works and what it can actually do, along with a sense of what people want it to be able to do (speculative fiction along the latter point would be great, too).

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For plain language explanations, Bernard Marr does a good job summarizing big data and how it can be used.  Or google “big data and ebates”.



For more tech info, o’Reilly has a lot of information on the topic https://www.oreilly.com/topics/data.  You can find lots of references to it in today’s sci-if writings.  There is quite a bit of talk in the machine-learning and AI industries that with the new big data technologies, we are approaching complexity levels that can support self-learning machines.   I’m still waiting for my personal robot assistant.

As far as what is Big Data is in reality - About two years the company I work for started a Big Data initiative to deal with a bunch of 300-400TB (terabyte) data sets.  It meant bring in some new technology for storage and retooling/re-educating the data analysts.  Our platform is up and running now and is really starting to show some large dollar results for the company.  I have a background in statistics and computer science and currently manage a pretty large team of analysts that work in our big data platform. 

Big data/Data Science is supposed to be a hot tend right now but none of us are particularly cool or trendy - we look like everyone else and they don’t let us wear white lab coats ?

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Remember Watson, the IBM computer that played Jeopardy? That’s an example of big data and Watson has been busy learning and spitting out info ever since. 

It has a lot of potential for health advancements. All of that information in electronic medical records is being put to use. 





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