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Common App: most recent grades on transcript


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"Please indicate the most recent grades included on the transcript accompanying this form."

Sounds simple except I imagine for my dd's earlier deadlines I will only have grades through junior year.  But for her later deadlines I may have grades from first semester senior year.  I'm pretty sure I won't be able to change my counselor profile once submitted.  (I could be wrong.) 

Any suggestions on how I should respond?   




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I'd go with the end-of-junior year choice and use the mid year report for other schools later. They'll understand.

(I have a different problem with that question. DD took a DE class this summer and I put the grade on the transcript. So, technically, the grades are through the summer after junior year. No choice for that. I chose end-of-junior year and figure they can just deal. ?

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Pick the end of junior year, because you will submit the CA for her early apps..

Unless they changed it since I used it, you can upload a Mid-Year report that contains an updated transcript, and it will be obvious that this transcript contains fall semester grades for senior year

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