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I used the Great Courses for Art History/Appreciation (World's Greatest Paintings and How to Look At and Understand Great Art). I also had my kids complete the projects from Mystery of History (I think?). The projects were interesting enough but it was the research the kids had to do that was worth adding this to our lessons. We made a few trips to various art museums as well.

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Art history or some type of studio art?

Khan Academy has well done art history; I gave my son 1/2 credit in art history using Khan (he only did 1/2 year of this).

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is a classic DIY text for older learners who want to learn the basics (or just polish skills).  Depending on the time spent doing the work, this is totally high school credit worthy, imo.

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Gardner's Art Through the Ages is the absolute best art history text.  Yes it is expensive, but it is worth the money by far.  The workbook is also good if your child is already experienced at drawing.  For someone who needs more experience with artistic concepts, I like Drawing Upon Art because it is so interactive.

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It depends on what your child is interested in. Here are some ideas for electives - and once you pick which your child would enjoy you can find curriculum or an online class.

  • Art History / Appreciation as mentioned above
  • Drawing / Painting as mentioned above. Also pottery, sculpting etc
  • Photography
  • Graphic design / Website Design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Theatre (that's what my youngest did)
  • Music (music lessons)
  • History of Music / Music Appreciation
  • Visual Literacy
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