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1st grade history help


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I don't like SOTW. I just don't like how it reads. It feels more boring than it needs to be. 

I have and planned on using veritas press ot/ae cards and extra books. We started this and ds is doing well with learning the timeline and listening to the supplemental books. 

We are expats. And VP feels like a better fit with a library around. Which we don't have. And I don't want to need to buy 15 books just for history and run the risk of not loving some. I like the VP cards and want to keep using them. 

I need a spine that fits well. Something that reads well. And doesn't feel like I need to add a lot of other books. I am fine with Christian history added. 

What do you all like with young elementary students for a read aloud? 

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For 1st grade A Child's History of the World is about as simple and easy a read for littles as you can get. You can fold in picture books if needed or a read aloud here and there. Bring in the timeline cards as you hit the topics. 

I personally adore Mystery of History and Guerber but I think if you are feeling SOTW is a bit dry and/or challenging then you would probably see these along the same lines. 


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