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Vegetarian/vegan products you love...

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I just keep finding more products and finding them more and more accessible and I want to pinch myself.  I get plain giddy over it ?  I am gluten free, soy free, and vegan 99% of the time (I occasionally eat fish but not often).  I have recently fallen in love with a few products and keep finding them closer and closer to home (instead of driving all the way to Whole Foods).  

Beyond Meat burgers (oh my word!). Seriously, these are gaining so much popularity that stores are having a hard time to keeping them on the shelves. They are hands down the best veggie burgers ever.  I didn't realize until I ate one in a restaurant on vacation that I am overcooking them at home.  It was so much better cooked just like they tell you to - leave some pink in the middle.  DD refused to eat it at first because it looked just like a hamburger when I gave it to her.  

Kite Hill products.  The best yogurt and cream cheese.  

Today I found a daiya gluten free pizza with the beyond meat crumbles and veggies.  I am so excited, it is in the oven now.

Daiya chocolate cheesecake also showed up in my Target today.  Like, no one should live on these foods, but they are nice to have available for the occasional splurge, right?


What have you found lately that you want to share?


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Totally agree that Beyond Beef Burgers are hands-down the best burgers!

Our favorite vegan splurge items includes Enjoy Life brand chocolate chips, Dandies brand marshmallows (to make rice crispy treats!), Toufutti ice cream sandwiches, and Butler soy curls which can be used like grilled chicken strips. Today we enjoyed the soy curls in “chicken” salad?





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We also love Vegenaise “mayo”. I used it in the “chicken” salad (can make with soy curls or chick peas) and for vegan ranch. Just add garlic powder, onion powder, dill, dried parsley, paprika and salt to taste and you have a ranch dip for carrots or a yummy spread to liven up a veggie sandwich!

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Ooh, I have a list and love getting recs!

FTR, we eat wild or grass-fed meat/fish, but no eggs or dairy.  What I've discovered recently that I like:

1.  Some health food stores have these candy bars:  They taste like I remember candy bars tasting as a kid.  Probably full of junk, but oh so tasty.

2. Plain soymilk, no sugar, just soybeans and water.  I disliked soymilk for a long time but like something to cut the bitterness in my tea; finally I discovered the unsweetened shelf-stable stuff.  It's good.  Not goopy.

3. American Flatbread Co. makes this pizza:  It tastes not like vegan pizza.  It is super good.

4.  Alternative Baking Company makes vegan cookies - they're huge, like 3 peoples' worth of cookie, but they don't taste vegan.  The kids like the lemon one (which is the veganist tasting one, imo); I like the peanut butter ones, and peanut butter with chocolate chips.

5.  This is a good chocolate bar:  It's dark chocolate but not too bitter (I find most dark chocolate way too bitter)

6.  The kids like that daiya macaroni and cheese with the squeezable packet of cheese.  Even the smell makes me gag.  But they like it, so I'll put it here.

7.  If you eat wild fish, the gluten free cod filets from Pacific (this one: are dairy/egg free and they don't get soggy like oven-baked battered fish often does.  Note that the one with gluten DOES have milk, so you have to get the gluten-free one.

8.  We eat it with vegan tartar sauce from Vegenaise; it tastes normal to me.

9.  Coyo, the chocolate one, is very good.  I think it's about 4000 calories per spoonful, so easy to overeat, but satisfying.  

10.  Whole Foods has a vegan chocolate chip cookie; it's big, it's $1, it has a ton of chocolate in it, and the kids like it.


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Vegan Nocciolata chocolate hazlenut spread.  I make overnight oatmeal with almond or coconut milk and chopped strawberries. The next morning we mix in about 3/4 of a teaspoon of the Nocciolata in it. SO yummy!!!

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