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Article: Interesting piece on remedial classes at CUNY

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Of course ultimately we should fix K-12 education but I agree with a commenter couldn't this be done cheaper through a HS post-graduate charter school (my invented name just now)?

My mother taught math many years at an expensive prep school which is known more for it's sports than it's academics. It has a long standing post-graduate (PG) program where the wealthy or low income (scholarship) talented students play their sport in a very competitive prep school environment and take remedial classes to try to qualify for D1 college programs. So this idea is very old. The regular middle class students are pretty much shut out.

The CUNY colleges could even provide classroom space and teachers (such as our hard-working adjuncts) to provide similar services skipping the sports aspect completely. 

I would just like to see this needed remedial effort moved out of colleges to somewhere more appropriate.  

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