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Resource for measuring/evaluating writing skills - help!


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Is there a book/website or some other type of resource that can teach me how to do this? or some type of evaluation services? I'm not sure if we are where we are supposed to be at a 5th grade level and I cannot pin point  exactly what my student needs to improve writing (unable to produce decent summary of stories or even a well written paragraph when compared to other 5th graders). I do not have any experience teaching writing and I'm getting just a little nervous! ? Thank you!

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I've been listening to a lot of Bravewriter podcasts this summer.  They have helped to reassure me a great deal that I am not failing my kids and my kids are not failing!  I highly recommend them!  Here is the one on the Partnership Writing stage (9-10yo) but I highly recommend going to the podcast site and listening to the first season where she goes through the stages of growth as a writer.  It really helps to see the bigger picture, even if you are not using the BW programs.


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