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My blood labs... ie Being a vegan


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I have fibromyalgia and I've been a vegan for a year.  The last 6 months or so my pain level sky rocketed and moved on to new areas.  I had a feeling it was something I was missing in my diet and after having 10 vials of blood taken, I was right. I was exceptionally low on Vitamin D with only a level of 14. That explains so much about my new symptoms and is easily fixed. But the best part about the lab work was how well I was doing in all the other categories. I've got great B12, iron, protein, sugar...you name it and I'm the poster child for it. I am so glad I can put the worries of my family to rest about me being a vegan. I'm now taking a vitamin D supplement and things can only go up from here. Yay!


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Great job!

The last time I had my labs done my numbers did not come back very positive.  Since then I've dropped 35 pounds with a few more to go, but this whole time I've been thinking that when I go to have them drawn again if they didn't come back glaringly improved I was going to go vegan for a while and see if that made the changes I was looking for.   I really do think it's a healthful way to live and eat, I'm just not there yet with regards to being willing.  Especially with a family who would definitely NOT be willing. 

But I sure do love hearing the positive story!  I hope you're able to get that vitamin D level up in short order. 

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