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This is a positive trend for D1:


on same site:

The myth
All Football Bowl Subdivision athletics departments net millions of dollars and pour more institutional money into athletics than other Division I schools that are not in FBS.
The reality
Believe it or not, big names, big wins and big facilities don’t necessarily equate to big profits in the world of Division I athletics. This myth is not only inaccurate – it’s far from the truth. Only 20 Division I athletics departments out of nearly 350 – just over 5 percent – generated more money in 2013 than they spent.
A profit is not a given even among teams in the so-called “revenue-generating sports” of football and men’s basketball. Only 56 percent of FBS football programs last year operated in the black, and in men’s basketball, 53 percent of FBS schools did.
The second piece of this myth is equally off the mark. In terms of average institutional dollars spent each year on athletics in FBS, Football Championship Subdivision schools and Division I schools without football, the numbers are nearly identical. Each year since 2004, the amount of institutional funds invested in sports at FBS and Division I non-FBS schools has increased in increments that are striking in similarity. Regardless of subdivision, the average Division I athletics department spent approximately $11 million more than it generated in 2013.


IMHO Colleges spend too much money on sports teams. Of course they have seemed to have cut back on Intramural sports from when I went to college a few decades ago.



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